We recognize the hard workers
and we celebrate them.

We strive to innovate and always deliver to you the very best tyres of hard workers, for hard workers, by hard workers.

We know how tough it is. We know how much you have to give up.
The countless sacrifices. The lonely hours. The distance from home.

We know it, we recognize it, and we honor it.

Your dedication, your strength, your courage has become our true north, our compass and from it, we forged our Manifesto.

Sunrise is for second comers.
I see the dawns from the road,
I celebrate twilight
with my second coffee.
Somebody fears the haze, not me.
Mist, drizzle or rainfall,
it doesn’t really stop me.
I am out to do my job, every day, and this is all that matters.
I respect the road. I love the freedom and the long rides.

They say it is not for everyone.
The restless work
and the sleepless nights.
The heavy loads and the endless trips.
The lonely roads and the hurting bones.

We say it is for the bravest ones.
We honor the hard workers,
every day, tirelessly,
dedicating ourselves to deliver
the best quality tyres
with excellent performance in the toughest situations.
We got rock solid soul
with a softer touch.

Aeolus Tyre

Aeolus is the most trusted partner of the toughest drivers of truck, bus, earthmoving, and agro machinery.

The Group has more than 50 years of experience serving any client need, everywhere.

Thanks to its international footprint and global reach, Aeolus is able to deliver its excellent tyres to more than 9 out of 10 drivers globally.

Aeolus is listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE:600469) and has the same majority shareholder of Pirelli, its sister Company.

In 2016, Aeolus and Pirelli, signed a Patent and Know-How License and Technical Assistance Agreement, which allowed Aeolus to adopt the most modern and innovative technology of Pirelli.

As a result, Aeolus was able to improve its quality standards and finally deliver products with enhanced performance at the highest level of the industry.



R&D Centers

R&D Centers






Our vision is to promote the integration of nationalities, to create a sustainable and engaging business environment that brings economic, social and environmental benefits to the global society as a whole, addressing the different expectations and interests of all stakeholders.



Aeolus is the company where some of the most passionate, creative, and high-performing people of technology, innovation, and industrial development fields have come together to make the difference.

We strive for excellence, we always go with full power, big and strong, to deliver smart products that have positive and tangible impacts on the markets and the communities where we operate in. Aeolus becomes the trusted partner for the hardest jobs on earth, every day.


Aeolus is committed to implement a Business Policy capable of promoting a true revolution in the practices of our industry. Creativity, inventiveness, and collaboration are part of the way we do business. We are, first and foremost, passionate about what we do.


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& Commitment


& Fairness


& Competence

Focus on Results

& Efficency


& Social Responsibility



Since 1965, a maniac dedication to making tyres for trucks, buses, earthmoving, and agricultural machinery qualifies Aeolus.