W – Section Width

The linear distance between the outsides of the sidewalls of an inflated tyre excluding elevations due to labeling (marking), design application, indicators, protective bands, or ribs.

H – Section Height

The linear distance between the tread pattern surface (in contact with the ground) and the end of the bead.

R – RIM Diameter

The diameter of the Rim on which the tyre is mounted.

Technical Specifications 1
Technical Specifications 2

D - External Diameter

The diameter of an inflated tyre at the outermost surface of the tread.

L – Loaded Radius

It is the radius of the tyre in loading conditions, from the center of the Rim to the surface of the tread pattern in contact with the ground.

Z – Minimum distance of twin tyres

It is the distance between the centre lines of the twin tyres. The Z min values refer to tyres without chains and may also be applied in the case of the fitment of chains for twin tyres. If chains are fitted on one tyre only, the Z min values must be increased so that the sidewalls of the tyre under load do not trap the chain and become damaged.

All Aeolus tyres correspond to the provisions and guidelines of each country. For more information read the standards and regulations of your country.