The Smart Fleet Solutions by Aeolus

Aeolus has developed specialized solutions for fleets to efficiently manage their vehicles and maximize the uptime.

With Aeolus Smart Fleet Solutions, the fleet managers can monitor in real-time the operative parameters of each tyre to prevent risks of downtime. Real-time alerts inform the driver in case of problems allowing a prompt intervention. The historical data stored in the cloud allow the adoption of predictive maintenance algorithms.

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Technical Architecture

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The wireless connectivity and the most advanced sensor-based technology, keep on strict control the status of the tyres, collecting real-time data of pressure, temperature, mileage, wear.

But Aeolus Solutions not only generate real-time safety warnings but also contribute with data-driven algorithms to the optimization of fleet efficiency and minimization of the operating costs.
The extremely easy installation on the tyre and the truck is a feature particularly appreciated by the market.

The top-notch sensor system with the integrated microprocessor and contactless functionalities guarantees safe operations everywhere, even in the most extreme situations and severe operating conditions.

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The Solutions are equipped with intelligent features, like the Automatic Conversion Cold Air Pressure System, that permits the pressure check without waiting for the hot vehicle to cool down.

Finally, the intuitive and functional user interfaces complete the Solutions, making them powerful and at the same time easy-to-use tools for drivers and fleet managers.

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