Aeolus is one of a kind.

We are not just another Premium tyre manufacturer. We are Different, we are much more...

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premium img premium
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We could have written how good
our products are.

But we are practical, not
self-referential, and we don’t want
to bother you telling the
obvious, the indisputable.

Find it out by yourself!

no frills

Try our products IRL (in real life).
Even a journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step!

Your ride does not necessarily have to be a lonely journey,
but rather an adventure that we will live together, day by day,
month after month, in the haze, mist, drizzle, or rainfall.

Nothing will stop us, we don’t fear the restless work,
the sleepless nights, the heavy loads, and the tough trips.
We respect the road, we love the freedom and the long rides.


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