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Mr. Ning Gaoning, Chairman of ChemChina-Sinochem, visit at Aeolus' headquarters in Jiaozuo.


Several men touching a giant tire

On October 20, 2020, Mr. Ning Gaoning, Chairman of ChemChina-Sinochem, the world’s largest chemical group and main shareholder of Aeolus and Pirelli, visited Aeolus' headquarters in Jiaozuo.

Mr. Wang Feng, Chairman and CEO of Aeolus, illustrated to Chairman Ning the most recent technological advances achieved by Aeolus, also thanks to the close collaboration with the Pirelli Group, since 2016. He continued showing the newest and most sophisticated production processes, streamlined by the adoption of modern digital solutions, and quality controls.

"I am very pleased to come here today and see Aeolus' great achievements. Aeolus is one of ChemChina-Sinochem's leading enterprises. Aeolus has won many awards and has a distinctive heritage and solid foundation. Today, I see that Aeolus is forged by a strong and positive DNA, and formidable resilience, which gives me full confidence in the success of its further development at the top of the tyre industry", said Mr. Ning.

“Aeolus has a successful future ahead of it" - Mr. Ning pointed out -"I have full confidence that its management and leadership is up to this challenge and that it will seize all opportunities, despite the severe market conditions. Technology, innovation, product excellence are the ingredients of Aeolus' success”.

Mr. Ning concluded by indicating the priority for immediate action “Aeolus needs to strengthen its international footprint, and enhance its system, including through a closer collaboration with Prometeon Tyre Group, to become the global leader in the tyre industry is meant to be".

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