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Dongfeng Truck fuel saving champion mounting Aeolus Tyres


Red truck on wet road

Once again Aeolus is with DongFeng, the largest global truck manufacturer, to win another record. 

In 2018, a Dongfeng Truck Fuel Saving Champion mounting Aeolus tyres were able to drive 3.500km from Karamay to Zhengzhou with just one tank of gasoline. And if that were not enough, it was carrying a load of 49 tons too!

Yesterday, June 16th, we took another challenge together. A DongFeng Tianlong KL465 Truck with Aeolus ASR79 tyres of 2nd generation will chase another record, driving from Shandong Linyi to Xinjiang Urumqi, in the mountain with a higher grade of difficulty.

Follow our epic adventure.

TAGS: Fuel Saving, TBR