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Aeolus Perspectives 37th Edition: Big shoes for really big performances. How to choose the right OTRs


Aeolus Perspectives 37th Edition: Big shoes for really big performances. How to choose the right...

Not all OTR tyres are the same. Choosing the right "shoes" means taking into accurate account all the conditions of their use. Penalty: devaluing a huge and costly investment.

Huge dimensions. Heavy duties. Long-life reliability. Massive and muscular performances in strong and sometimes extreme conditions. These are the main features the final user seeks for buying an earthmoving tyres (or OTR). Born to equip "giant" vehicles such as dump trucks or loaders, the Off the Road tyres - also known as OTR - mainly operate in mine areas or at ports and terminals.

In addition to the all above-mentioned characteristics, choosing the right OTR tyre also requires some small but fundamental preventive considerations, without which risk is nullifying a huge and costly investment.

What to look at?

According to their usage and vehicle to equip, the OTR tyres are usually classified into different categories. ISO (International Standard Organisation), ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Organisation), TRA (Tire and Rim Association), and JATMA (Japan Automobile Tyres Manufacturers) fixed and international standard codes combined by a letter and number for defining the category to which tyre belongs and that is usually indicated on the tyre side.

Firstly, four letters define the four different types of vehicles that OTR tyres can equip: 

  • C (that stands for compactor vehicles),
  • G (Grader),
  • E (Earthmoving)
  • L (Loader and bulldozer)

But the OTR choice must also be led by the type of ground and the conditions of use. So different sculpture depths and tread patterns have to be considered too. All this is encoded with a number:

  • 1 Ribbed (normal tread depth)
  • 2 Traction (normal tread depth)
  • 3 Normal (normal tread depth)
  • 4 Deep (deep tread depth)
  • 5 Very deep (very deep tread depth)
  • 7 Flotation (normal tread depth)

A new pattern for Aeolus AG01/E4 

Suitable for transportation of coal mines, metal mines, and large hydropower mines in a severe environment, the new Aeolus AG01/E4 is an earthmoving tyre. It can boast a high proportion of blocks designed to provide a better cut and wear resistance and improve the service life.

The relatively wider shoulder groove design improves the convection with cold air, providing better heat dissipation, and reduce the risk of stone clips, and providing good self-cleaning.

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