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Aeolus Perspectives 36th Edition: Tyre brands feel like DIVAS


Aeolus Perspectives 36th Edition: Tyre brands feel like DIVAS...

Tyre manufacturers are using social media and new digital tools to create more relevant and sparkling storytelling, define a better positioning and increase their brand awareness.

What do Marlboro and John Wayne, Coca Cola and Marylin Monroe, Gillette and Gary Cooper, L’Oréal and Shirley Temple have in common? They are all real stars. With this provocative consideration, in the mid-80s, the advertising guru Jacques Séguéla introduced a concept that is still the basis of several marketing strategies now. Advertising had to treat products and brands like Divas, enhancing all their characteristics, as in his celebrated "Hollywood washes whiter: who can ever be seriously interested in a detergent that can do nothing but washes?”.

All of this sounds particularly true in today's era of media overexposure. Digital space is a huge firmament of brilliant stars and offers plenty of innovative tools as well as new languages to build relevant and sparkling storytelling and take care of both brands and products like stars. And the opportunity is big for those products that go more often unnoticed, such as tyres.

We must admit: in a world where appearance does not count for all, but a lot for sure, the tyre is often pointed at as dirty, apparently trivial, and... well, even the smell is not properly the best. However, digital communication, joined with the best of creativity, is now giving this ugly duckling a good chance to become a beautiful swan.

For several years, the main tyre manufacturers have been experimenting with new ways of communicating their product, its main characteristics, and mostly its crucial role in safe and high-performance mobility. These arguments come to be combined with a great brand heritage, a solid base of applied technology, and proven expertise.


Aeolus Tyres offers a good example of this. The popular tyre brand has recently chosen to empower social-digital communication to better define its positioning globally, raise the perception of the brand from "value for money" to "premium" and strengthen this idea through a new image and interesting content to engage both potential dealers and end-users.

Using both classic (e.g., advertising billboards) and digital media (e.g., social media communication, newsletter, banners, pop-ups, and so on), Aeolus Tyres has realized a complete, creative, sophisticated storytelling that celebrates the premium brand and product quality features, focusing on innovation and high technology contents, safety and drive behavior performances, and, last but not least, the most valuable benefits for end-users and dealers.

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