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Aeolus Perspectives 29th Edition: Discovering Aeolus NEO Fuel S+


Aeolus Perspectives 29th Edition: Discovering Aeolus NEO Fuel S+...

Designed to satisfy the European customers' demand, the new Aeolus NEO Fuel S+ combines low fuel consumption, high driving performance, and safety in an innovative and very competitive product.

The international road freight transportation in Europe is mostly characterized by long-haul routes in a really wide and varied territory where, also due to the peculiar conformation and variety of its geography, can vary profoundly and, in some cases, abruptly. On the same day, each trucker travels a long way, passing from one nation to another, facing different types of asphalt and ground conditions, and sometimes rapid switches in weather and temperatures as well. It is a tough test for tyres! As a matter of fact, they are forced to face all the changes, always delivering high and constant driving plus safety performances despite everything.

But the freight companies also ask for products ensuring a good balance between good road behavior, better management efficiency, and optimized costs.

The challenge for tyre manufacturers is to develop the best of technology and state-of-art solutions, consolidating all these needs in a single product, innovative in content, and competitive in price, for traveling a long way all around Europe.

The solution by Aeolus: NEO Fuel S+

Born to fully satisfy all European truckers' demanding needs, Aeolus NEO Fuel S+ is designed for long-haul and steering positions. It is ideal for medium vehicles and suitable for high-speed conditions, low heat generation, and low roll resistance formula to improve product life and fuel saving.

FUEL S+ belongs to the NEO FUEL series and therefore shares all the main characteristics in terms of driving performance and fuel efficiency. Nevertheless, compared to the first-generation model FUEL S, the new Aeolus NEO FUEL S+ has an, even more, evolved design that improves the mileage and the even wear of the tread. The tread profile is minded to deliver an optimized footprint. The special sipe design offers high-speed cooling performance. The geometry of the ejectors gives better stone trapping prevention.

Aeolus NEO FUEL S+ ensures formidable water evacuation and steering precision thanks to its tread pattern design with 4 grooves and robust longitudinal ribs, and the new innovative compound. Aeolus NEO Fuel S+ is available in three different sizes: 12R22.5, 295/80R22.5, and 315/60R22.5.

The NEW technology

Each NEO Series product joins the most advanced developed technology, the wide know-how in the design and manufacture by Aeolus and Pirelli.

Aeolus NEO is fully designed in Italy using 3D simulation tools and software. The new tread's compound satisfies the demand for safety and high performance in each use condition. The Dual-Layer Tread Compound with High Siliceous Composite Compound (DLT/HSCC) confers higher driving performances even in low temperatures, improved kilometrage, better abrasion resistance, a very good grip also on the wet road surface, low heat generation, and a long-life.

The innovative structure with 3-sandwich belts combined with Spiral 0° Belt (SATT – Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck) provides even wear, major resilience, increased the possibility to retread it more than once and improved handling, comfort, safety, and efficiency. The strong "Full Penetration" structure of belt layers prevents tyre casing fatigue and protects against punctures.

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