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Aeolus Perspectives 23rd Edition: Discovering: Aeolus NEO Series


Aeolus Tyres NEO Series

Resulting from the collaboration between Aelous and Pirelli, the new NEO Series combines selected raw materials and the highest levels of construction and applied technology to offer tyres delivering performance and reliability, safety, and long life.

Trucking is really heavy work: driving for miles and miles every day with any roads and any weather. For truck drivers, priorities are arriving on time at destination and then back home safely, and also gaining the most efficiency in vehicle management. Truckers and road freight companies need a vehicle always under control and well maintained. So, then they look for the best equipment and parts too.

Tyres play a key role for catch these targets: not only they can contribute to stability, handling and safety, but they also take a major part in increasing the overall efficiency, reducing costs, and GHG emissions as well. So, the big challenge is for tyres to deliver the best performances as long as possible.

Long-life to the best truck tyres!

Performance, safety, and comfort are the key variables of the perfect equation. Selected raw materials combined with the most advanced construction technologies contribute decisively to a product offering perfect road handling on any type of conditions. The improved grip enhances the maneuverability and stability of the vehicle, guaranteeing the best road behavior, but also low noise, greater comfort, high safety.

The better grip and an overall building quality strongly provide to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and the need for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance too. The uniform wear of the tread extends the overall life of the tyre, delaying its replacement time and so supporting more efficient management also from an economic point of view. 

Last but not least: nowadays, all the best truck tyres are built to have another life after their first one. The structure of the carcass and raw materials used for the compound is usually chosen and designed so that an exhausted tyre can be retreaded more than once.

The solution by Aeolus

The new NEO Series tyres combine in a single solution the most advanced developed technology, the long experiences, the wide knowledge in the design and manufacture by Aeolus and Pirelli. The very best on-road performances join the highest level of safety in a very long-life truck tyre.

Fully designed in Italy using the most modern 3D simulation tools and software, the new NEO is the ultimate truck tyre. The new Aelous NEO tyres have a Dual-Layer Tread Compound with High Silica Content (DLT/HSCC) for both higher kilometrage through increased abrasion resistance and better grip also on wet road surfaces, providing the best performances trade-off. The NEO Series tyres’ structure has also been designed to enhance the plus given by the chosen selected raw materials and thus ensure to produce greater strength and longer life over time. The innovative structure with three sandwich belts combined with Spiral 0° Belt (SATT – Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck) provides even wear, major resilience, increased retreadability as well as improved handling, comfort, and safety. Then, the strong “Full Penetration” structure of belt layers prevents casing fatigue and offers excellent protection against punctures.

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