Sales, Field Engineer, OTR

The ideal candidate for this position has a deep knowledge of Indonesian OTR market, both from demand and offering perspective. He is expected to know and deal with fleets, distributors, and servicing dealers, as well as demonstrate a strong understanding of the competitors, their product portfolios, strengths and weaknesses of their performance and the key selling factors of each product.
He is autonomous, proactive, curious, with a flair for customer understanding and innovation.

Main responsibilities

  • Manage the commercial relationships with existing customers
  • Hunt for new customers, both dealers and fleets (e.g. mine, port, construction)
  • Visit end user fleets to give professional advises on tyre proper usage, to train fleet’s personnel, to collect field data on product real performances, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Follow up field tests, collect objective data of Aeolus products and competitors’, elaborate comparisons, and benchmarks to identify “white spots” of opportunity (e.g. new sizes, new products, product fine tunings) and eventual areas of improvement
  • Support customers to properly engage with OEMs, providing the technical background needed to create a credible and positive relationship
  • Cooperate with customer and agents providing technical support and know-how
  • Oversee local operations handling claims, streamlining processes, troubleshooting, and crafting improvement plans to be discussed and agreed with local customers and/or fleets
  • Forecast customer needs by understanding main trends in terms of machinery demand and consequently tyre demand
  • Analyze the market potential and understanding competition and prices

Requirements & Skills

  • At least 3 years of experience in OTR Tyre technical functions of primary tyre manufacturers or
  • Fluent English and Indonesian
  • Analytical, headstrong, flexible, openminded, collaborative with advanced communication skills

Preferred Location:

  • Jakarta