Sales, Business Development, OE, OTR

The ideal candidate for this position has a deep knowledge of European OTR market, both from demand and offering perspective. He is expected to know and deal with primary OEMs, as well as demonstrate a strong understanding of the competitors, their product portfolios, strengths and weaknesses of their performance and the key selling factors of each product.
He is autonomous, proactive, curious, with a flair for customer understanding and innovation.

Main responsibilities

  • Develop solid commercial relationships with the primary OEMs of the Region (both truck and trailer manufacturers)
  • Design, plan and execute, in coordination with HQ, all necessary actions to expand the Share of Account on existing OEMs
  • Collaborate with HQ to scale up in Europe the Aeolus Global OEM Program
  • Ideate, develop, and implement a monthly business intelligence report, gathering relevant intel, reading the undergoing trends, and connecting the dots to obtain advantages in the business (e.g. first mover advantage)
  • Elaborate periodical business review, with ad hoc action plans to achieve further results
  • Monitor payments and manage collection where necessary to minimize overdue and DSO
  • Oversee local operations, streamline processes, troubleshoot, craft development plan, and discuss/negotiate them with each OEM
  • Chase potential “white spots” by working together with OEM, suggesting new product development as well as portfolio optimization (pruning)
  • Forecast customer needs, plan sales and monitor progress
  • Analyze the market potential and understanding competition and prices

Requirements & Skills

  • At least 3 years of experience in OTR Tyre marketing/sales/technical functions of primary tyre manufacturers or distributors or alternatively in OEMs and/or Large Fleets using OTR tyres in marketing/sales/technical functions
  • Fluent English and German (preferred)
  • Analytical, headstrong, flexible, openminded, collaborative with advanced communication skills.

Preferred Location:

  • Milan