Improper balance components fault may lead to pneumatic brake breakdown, causing uneven tyre wear and damage.

Possible Reasons
Excess heat caused by braking
  • Improper shift on a downhill leading rapid heat buildup
  • Repeatedly start & stop with no time for cool down
  • Improper adjustment causing one or more brakes to exert too much force
  • Initially, the bead deformates, then the wire of the bead separates from the bead ring
Brake lock
  • Traction and braking system failures
  • The bleeder valve bleeds air too low
  • Slack adjuster is misadjusted
  • Brake drum deviation
  • Irregular wear of the tyre tread

All Aeolus tyres correspond to the provisions and guidelines of each country. For more information read the standards and regulations of your country.